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PE & Sport Premium Grant

SPORTS GRANT ~ How we spend it to promote long term health and fitness, development in engagement in different sporting and adventurous activities for our children Old Heath Community Primary School.

Spending on Sports Grant 2022/23

For this year we allocated £32,774, including carry forward from previous years, in total we spent £29,978.    We are in the process of sourcing costs for an all weather track for our Daily Mile, hopefully looking at Autumn 2023.

We spent

  • £1,760.93 on equipment for various sports 
  • Maintenance costs £282.86
  • £500 Educational Visits Coordinator Subscription with Juniper Education
  • Swimming Instructors and sessions for Y4, Y5 & Y6 cost £2,253.08
  • Coaches to transport to swimming £5,775
  • Supporting outdoor adventurous activities on our residential £1351.41
  • Competition costs and supply costs £595
  • Funding an extra curriculum sports club free £615
  • Reallocated £9,460 to cover staff providing sports/play cover at lunch times, providing free sports clubs after school 
Spending on Sports Grant 2021/22

For this year we allocated £45,075, including carry forward from previous years, in total we spent £29,978.                We spent

  • £5057 on equipment for various sports 
  • Our medals for Sports Day in the summer of 2022 cost £484.97
  • Swimming Instructors and sessions for Y4, Y5 & Y6 cost £1,587.18
  • Coaches to transport to swimming £2,289
  • £1740 on providing a 'residential' experience at school for our Y5 and Y6 children who had missed out on the previous years residential opportunities
  • Reallocated £16,770 to cover staff providing sports/play cover at lunch times, providing free sports clubs after school and covering teaching costs when children taken out to competitions etc.
Spending on Sports Grant 2020/21

Due to Covid we ended up allocating £30,888 to this cost centre. Though with Covid continuing it has proved difficult to spend a such a large amount; though we do have projects earmarked for 2021/2022 ~ shelter & shading to enable outdoor activities within the Y1 and Y2 courtyard area and the construction of 'Daily Mile' type track for our field so that it is more useable in all weather conditions under foot. Across the two lockdowns we have spent £3,582.68 on providing each class with a large quantity of outdoor play equipment, replaced PE benches and bought more agility tables to add to the equipment range for gymnastics within school. Approximately £300 was spent to keep the field trampoline up to safety standards ~ it did get a lot of use during lockdown sessions.

Spending on Sports Grant 2019/20 

We had a budget allocation of £20,291; made up of our carry forward of £2,500 from previous year plus £17,791 as the allocation as prescribed from the Government’s funding. However due to Covid we were unable to take any of the children swimming, could not run clubs after school due to mixing or in lockdown, residentials or organise any big installation projects. So this money has been carried forward for 2020/21

We had decided to use our Sports Premium money to enhance the swimming provision for those children in Y5 and Y6 who were still unable to swim 25m after the Y4 sessions. We had a group of 26 children of whom 14 did manage to swim 25m or more at the end of the extra 10 sessions. Those Y5 children who did not manage 25m will be offered the chance to attend further sessions in Y6 in the summer of 2020, along with Y5 who as Y4s need extra sessions to develop swimming 25m with an efficient stroke.

For this financial year we had wanted continue to support the following areas

  • sporting/adventurous activities as part of our residential opportunities (in particular water sport activities).
  • opportunities for our teams to take part in competitions (entry, supply and transport costs)
  • ensure we have the equipment necessary to provide our children with a range of PE / sporting activities in lessons or as part of after school clubs
  • provide extra swimming sessions in order to comply with 25m expectations.
  • Bike Ability sessions via Essex County Council and funding school staffing to support as necessary.
  • Investigate possibilities for another large project for long term health and fitness ~ replace the playground ‘traversing wall’ (taken out of action Nov 2019) and possibly add another piece of kit for the field.
Spending on Sports Grant 2018/19

 For the financial year 2018/19 we had saved a significant amount from our previous year in order to facilitate a major project, so we started the financial year with a total of £24,786.00. We finished the financial year with £2,500 left over and a brand new outdoor gym of nine pieces of equipment installed on our school field.

Outdoor Gym costs ~ £14,692

Service to Outdoor Sunken Trampoline ~ £425.00

Competition Entry Costs ~ £106

Travel Costs to Competitions ~ £272

Supporting Sports Costs on Residentials ~ £1,470

Supply Cover Costs ~ £2,203 usually sports events are managed so that HT either takes the team or covers other teachers plus we also offer at least three to four sports clubs a week run by teachers at no costs to our families.

Travel for Sports Activities ~ £1,465

Misc. Sports equipment ~ £1,653

All our after school clubs and sports clubs and staff commitment to extra-curricular sport is provided to our children totally free of charge so that all children are able to attend without a financial barrier.

For our commitment to swimming, we have historically taken every Y4 child swimming and under the conditions of use for the Sports Premium (this not available for current swimming) we have had to continue to request a basic donation from parents of £5 for every lesson per child, we heavily subsidise the coach costs from our school budget and then also have to further support swimming costs from main school budget when parents decide not to voluntarily donate as they feel schools should be providing this aspect of the school curriculum free of charge.

Our school swimming costs for Y4 in 2018/19;

Coach Costs: £1125

Swimming Instructor Costs: £786.94

Donations received from parents: £1125